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Like Pots and Waves Break - 4 Like Dust.jpg

Like Pots and Waves Break

Single channel, 70 mins

In Yorgos Petrou’s new moving image work, Like Pots and Waves Break, four queer migrants from formerly British-colonised nations in Southwest Asia and North Africa engage their bodies and voices in material, poetic and sculptural ways in proximity to an archaeological collection at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

The ‘Near-East’ gallery at this University of Cambridge museum provides, in Petrou’s film, a point of departure for a number of reclamations, performances, recountings and utterances which develop, build upon, echo, and trouble one another. Voices mimic and respond, pages turn, dialogues extend and bodies move, in a meditation on the relationship between dislocation, queerness, and land.


Supported by Arts Council England and Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.

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